Archie Comic’s Women: Betty Cooper vs Veronica Lodge

Betty Cooper vs Veronica Lodge

Anyone who has read Archie Comics knows these two friends very well – Betty and Veronica. The two pretty gal pals get along perfectly when it comes to everything, except for fighting for Archie. Many have strong feelings about which they like better. Some prefer the sweet, wholesome and blonde Betty. Others like the sophisticated rich girl Veronica. But one thing is for sure, without these two, life in Riverdale certainly would be very quiet and dull!

This love triangle began in the comics in 1942. Betty made her first appearance in Pep Comics #22, when both Archie and Jughead also appeared. We first saw Veronica in Pep Comics #26 a few short months later, and it was clear from the start that both Betty and Veronica were going to be rivals, interested in Archie. They were both created by comic artist Bob Montana.

You just cant read an Archie Comic without deciding on which one you’ll root for. Pretty soon you start to decide if Archie should be with Betty or Veronica. Whether you think he should be with the sweet, girl next door Betty or the sophisticated, richest girl in town Veronica, you’ve easily got an opinion on the matter. Its like being part of Riverdale!

A lot of people wind up picking a side because they relate to a character. Or one of them reminds them of their girlfriend, sister or someone they know. Then before they know it, they just firmly believe that Archie should be with Betty or Veronica. They’ve got an opinion on the matter. So we bet you’ll have one too.

Let’s talk & debate and which of Archie’s sweeties is better. Have you chosen a side? Do you like Betty or Veronica?


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Betty vs Veronica

Betty Cooper


Who doesn’t like sweet, wholesome and blonde Betty Cooper? Betty is 17  years old and a cheerleader. She is often described as “the girl next door.” Betty is brought up in a middle class household. Her parents are Hal and Alice Cooper. She has two older siblings, a brother and a sister who have both moved out of Riverdale. Her brother Chic has moved to New York City and Polly has moved to San Francisco.


Betty is not the typical “dumb blonde,” she’s actually one of the smartest students in Riverdale. Her IQ is above average and she has won lots of awards in school.

She is an animal lover and in quite a few of the comics has a small business that takes care of animals. She has a cat of her own named Caramel.

She loves children and will babysit for children in Riverdale. She will sometimes babysit for Jellybean with Jughead.

Betty has been a popular rival for Archie’s affections because she is sweet and wholesome, where Veronica is seen as a bit spoiled.

She is a writer and comic readers can see this often in the series Betty’s Diary. Betty would like to be a famous writer. She has submitted her writing to magazines and has been published.

Veronica Lodge


Since Veronica first made her appearance in Pep Comics #26, she has known how to get Archie’s attention. She and Betty have been fierce rivals. Bob Montana who created the character, actually know the Lodges and had created a mural for them. He was inspired by the name of the glamorous actress Veronica Lake to create the character Veronica Lodge. Veronica is the only child of Hiram Lodge who is the richest man in Riverdale. While Veronica’s father admits he moved to Riverdale with hopes of keeping Veronica from becoming spoiled, it does not seem to succeed as well as he would have liked. Veronica seems to get everything that she wants, and boy oh boy does she want Archie’s heart! Is this the girl Archie should choose?


Veronica is the only child of wealthy parents. It is logical that she would be a bit spoiled as such.

Veronica is very stylish, always wearing the latest and fun, up-to-date fashions. She is a real “fashion plate.”

She is smart, just like her father with a good head for business. Her best subject in school is economics.

Veronica is well-traveled, something that comic lovers see regularly in a series called Veronica’s Passport.


Betty continues to be Veronica’s friend even through she treats her poorly and is competitive with her.

At times Jughead seems to treat Betty in a special way, better than the other girls. Betty doesn’t tell him she is not interested in him.


Veronica has deep jealousy of Betty. She will do just about anything to take something from Betty. Veronica is very competitive about everything.

Veronica is no more competitive than when it comes to her affections for Archie. She truly wants Archie all to herself and wont let Betty get in her way.

She is often very spoiled and will do whatever she pleases. At one time she bought all the shoes in a shoe store so a girl couldn’t buy the shoes that she liked.

While Veronica says that she likes Archie the best, she often will go on dates with Reggie Mantle. Reggie has a big ego, very similar to Veronica. Mr. Lodge also likes Reggie because he comes from a wealthy family. It is a superficial relationship.

Betty and Veronica are beloved Archie Comics characters. They have depicted teenage life for decades, and the rivalry for Archie’s heart and which one will he choose. Some think Archie should choose Betty, the sweet and wholesome blonde. Others think he should choose the rich and sophisticated Veronica. Whether you are rooting for the “girl next door” or the richest girl in town, it is surprising how strongly people’s opinions can be felt about this topic.

And Finally…

In recent years Archie Comics has done a series of comics showing what would happen if he married Betty or Veronica, continuing the story. Which happy ending do you think these characters should have?


  1. Precious Osuagwu August 7, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    I think Archie should go with Betty. She would make a good wife!

  2. Tiffany Watkins Blaho April 27, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    I don’t see any redeeming qualities to Veronica. Yea she might make an ok friend but she would make a dreadful girlfriend. Archie needs to stick with Betty.