Dracula (The One) Vs. Edward Cullen (Twilight vampire)

Vampires are some of the most enduring and interesting figures in fiction. Mysterious and feared, yet enticing and seductive, the image of a pale, nearly immortal bloodsucker has endured for centuries.

Though the idea of the vampire has existed since at least the 1700’s, it was 1897’s Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, which truly thrust the vampire into the realm of popular culture. Hundreds of movie, TV, comic book and video game adaptations followed, most of them not deviating too far from Stoker’s vision. Even Bela Lugosi’s famed filmed portrayal, which set the image of Dracula in stone for many people, is largely based on what Stoker wrote down.

Lately, however, a new kind of vampire has appeared, in the form of Edward Cullen. The Twilight character, while still a pale, nearly immortal bloodsucker, bears little resemblance to the archetypical vampire we’ve been exposed to for the past 120+ years. Not everybody likes this change, and Cullen seems to garner just as much hate as he does love.

But when you really compare the two, is Cullen really that bad of a vampire? Or is Dracula, even after a point-by-point analysis, still the King Of All Vampires? Let’s find out, together.




Dracula Pros

Dracula’s powers are numerous: super-strength and speed, expert hypnosis, immortality, and the ability to shapeshift into just about anything. While most popularly a bat, he can become a wolf, a dog, and even fog. The bat gives him the power of flight, and the fog allows him to slip into just about any nook and cranny imaginable.

Of course, Dracula did not use these powers for good. He is pure evil, and focuses his days on equal parts hedonism and world domination. He was a feared warrior in his human life (depending on who you talk to, the character might well have been based on Vlad The Impaler,) and is a vicious consumer of human blood. While he could dine on animal blood, he much prefers humans, and goes to any lengths to do so.

In addition, Dracula has power over other vampire and, if he wanted to create an entire army of evil vampires, he very well could. As proven by his three brides, Dracula is totally capable of using his charisma to control others, without letting emotions such as “love” and “compassion” get in the way.

Edward Cullen


Edward Cullen Pros

Despite his reputation among critics as an emo pantywaist, Edward Cullen is actually a ridiculously powerful vampire. Cullen possesses most of Dracula’s powers as described above, but does not share his weaknesses. Cullen can consume garlic, does not lose his powers in the sunlight (his skin merely sparkles,) is not harmed by water, cannot be staked through the heart, can look at a cross without being blinded, and does not need to sleep. His only physical weakness appears to be fire.

In addition, while Dracula is described as attractive and sensual, Cullen takes it to a whole new level. His genetic makeup creates a literally flawless physical appearance, with skin basically made from diamonds and free from any and all blemishes. This ultra-attractiveness makes it easier to lure in prey, both human and animal.

Finally, unlike Dracula, Cullen can survive just fine on animal blood. While it’s established that human blood is the preferred drink of vampires, and Cullen’s instincts are constantly telling him to drink from humans such as Bella, there are plenty of “vegetarian” vampires who abstain from humans, and Cullen is one of them. This does not affect his health or powers in the least.

Dracula Cons

Despite his many famous powers, Dracula has a shockingly high number of weaknesses, which can be easily exploited. He can’t go near garlic, fire or crosses, and cannot cross water or be in direct sunlight without being significantly weakened. In addition, he cannot enter a home without the homeowner’s permission, even in fog form. In short, if you know Dracula is an evil bloodthirsty vampire, just lock yourself in a house and don’t let him in. As long as you stay inside, you’re guaranteed to be safe.

In addition, while Dracula could theoretically drink animal blood, it seems to provide him very little actual nutrients. However, he MUST drink human blood if he wants to survive and thrive. He can’t die of starvation, and does not need to feast when he is sleeping. However, if he’s awake, he gets weaker and weaker without human blood. Keep everybody away from him, and he might not last very long.

Finally, Dracula requires sleep, and lots of it. However, he can’t sleep in a bed, or on a couch, or much of anywhere really. He must sleep in “boxes of earth;” this usually translates to a coffin, though the coffin must be filled with dirt. If these boxes are destroyed, as Van Helsing and company did, he is unable to sleep, and thus is weakened to the point where he’s far easier to kill.

Edward Cullen Cons

The absolute biggest issue with Cullen is, as his critics have maintained, that he is not aggressive in the least. His powers, and lack of weaknesses, could make him one of the most feared villains in history, but it’s just not in him. He’s not a fighter, and actually falls in love with a human, something Dracula would never do.

Even when confronted with a rival, such as an evil vampire who wishes to drink from Bella, or a werewolf who also falls for Bella, Cullen does not fight. His family vanquished the evil vampire for him, and he simply argues with the werewolf.

In addition, though Cullen may possess many of Dracula’s powers, shapeshifting and flying are not among them. Powerful shapeshifters do exist in his world, but Cullen is limited to being himself.

And Finally…

You have Cullen’s biggest weakness: his emotions. He is constantly battling with his inner desires that boil down to “kill Bella and drink her blood.” He actively strives to betray his vampiric instincts at every turn: no human blood, no murder, no world domination, and falls in love. Even when Bella requests to become a vampire, so she may live with him forever, he refuses up until the very end, though he is emotionally torn by this decision over and over again. In short, he is blinded by love, which can be just as much a weakness as any, especially if he and his clan are waging war against a bunch of aggressive werewolves.

As you can see, comparing Edward Cullen to Dracula is not as cut-and-dry as one might think. Dracula is powerful and evil, with a surprisingly high number of weaknesses. Cullen is actually more powerful, with fewer weaknesses, but might simply be too good-hearted to realize his full potential as a vampire.

In addition, Dracula has a long-term reputation as the Ultimate vampire, whereas Cullen does not. Do you think Cullen can take the crown? Or is Dracula’s evil nature more powerful than Cullen’s goodness? Let us know with your vote and comment!




  1. Martine June 14, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    Not true. Dracula can be in sunlight. He just can’t change shape during daylight hours. Besides, how do we know Dracula is evil? Its not like we get to talk to him in the book, and the people who do talk are biased. Even if Dracula was a great guy, i doubt you could convince Van Helsing of this. He only needs his earth like every four days or so. But he isn’t as strong as the vampires in Twilight. Plus, Edward is a mind reader…that a tough one to beat. I never thought they actually killed Dracula either. the book leaves it very open! They kill him by piercing his heart with a metal knife, after specifically saying that metal doesn’t hurt him, it has to be wood. I think he outsmarted them.
    Oh..and Dracula risks everything for Mina. How do you MEAN he would never be in love with a human??? He WAS. he obviously had emotions. RE READ THE BOOK. And realize he is NOT THE NARRATOR. We don’t know what he is feeling or thinking.
    Lastly; Not being evil doesn’t mean not being a fighter. Edward isn’t evil. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t fight if he needed to.

  2. Bob Neil September 21, 2014 at 8:43 am

    One thing to consider is the physiological advantage Dracula has on Edward. Dracula is faaaaaar older than Edward, and thus has way more experiance. Dracula also is known for playing mind games with his foes, something that Edward would be increadbly susceptible to. Not to mention that Dracula is a true supernatural lord, while Edward is more of a biological phenomenon. While Edward might be physicaly stronger, Dracula’s only weakness is the Classic supernatural icons. You could run Dracula over with a train, mince his body into a million pieces, or even punch him so hard he flies into space, and he would be back with a twirl of his cape and a pointy smile. On the other hand, Edward would probably die under any of those circumstances. See, Edward is actually effected by the real physical world, while Dracula is a lord of shadows, a prince of darkness that can only be harmed through a select series of supernatural incidents.

  3. rosalynn June 21, 2015 at 2:52 am

    i think Cullen becse i love him he is a good acter in that movie

    • Wesley January 7, 2016 at 7:27 pm

      You think cullen will beat dracla because he’s a good actor? Dracla is a vampire lord and has power over other vampires and cannot be killed by normal vampire killing tools he can only be killed by a werewolf who had the power to resist his mind control power and that is why van helsing had to become a werewolf to kill dracla so if your little goodie two shoes cullen were to fight the most powerful vampire of all time cullen wouldn’t have a chance and not even the werewolfs from twilight could take dracla down also dracla is the son of the devil and it is said that if dracla dies every thing he created would die along with him and because dracla is the first vampire ever so if edward became a werewolf and somehow he killed dracla edwards family and bella will die But dont worry other dracla fans edward doesn’t have the guts to stand up to dracla because edwards to good to face the most evil monster to set foot on earth.I think I might have just finished this battel and im not even a fan of dracla im a fan of werewolfs

  4. DRAnoah July 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    The one who posted this, really never played castlevania games, I played almost every castlevania game, and so i can be sure on what I say here: Dracula has complete control over the forces of Evil. He draws Power from the Chaotic Realm: the demonic dimension in which human malice gathers. Every monster and malevolent human being will pledge loyalty to him; and most of them regard him as a “savior” able to cleanse the world anew. It was said that his mere presence is enough to drive normal people mad and to corrupt his surroundings. He is also able to increase Evil within someone’s heart and to surround himself with evil energy or pure Darkness. It has been speculated, but not confirmed, that the longer Dracula is around, the younger and mightier he becomes.

    Dracula is frighteningly powerful. When he unleashes his full might, he becomes a huge demon and his power skyrockets. His wields the powers of Dominance, (to absorb the souls and powers of any being) Mimicry (to copy someone else’s power) and Hellfire (to attack with fire conjured from Hell itself). He has proven able to cause an everlasting night over his domain; to drag his foes into demonic dimensions; to possess people and objects; and to cast a wide array of spells and curses. (His most fearsome curses wither the land or corrupt the population.) Finally, he has complete control over the Demon Castle he created.

    Dracula also masters the common vampiric powers to an unmatched extent. He can not only transform into a wolf, a bat or a cloud of mist but also into a swarm of bats, a cloud of poison and transform his cloak into bat-life wings (or worse). He has incredible strength and he can compel hordes of animals into obedience, control the weather (mostly to summon Darkness), and drain blood through mere contact. Not only Dracula lives forever, but he can only be harmed when struck in the head or the chest with specific weapons. Even worse, he always resurrects 100 years after being killed, when enough human malice gathers. Not counting those who resurrect him through Dark Rituals.
    As for Cullen, other than super human abilities like superior strenght and speed, and mind reading abilities (Wich is implied to be not perfect as seeing that he couldn’t read bella’s mind), i can’t see him winning this= Dracula owns this with low to none difficult at all.

  5. Mark Dalley September 13, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    Depens on which Dracula we’re talking about. Movie Dracula – pretty weak.

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula – can only be killed by God, basically. The wooden stake needs to be in the shape of a cross, Holy water in enough quanities would liquidize him, he fears both crucifix and The Bible.

    In the novel it is God that creates Dracula so this is why only God can destroy him.

  6. cody February 9, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    Edward Cullen will win

  7. Dj_NightFrost_101 May 15, 2016 at 4:48 am

    I like Edward but it has to be Dracula
    cuz he is the orginal vampire and is
    Way more stronger and experienced

  8. Devdog May 30, 2016 at 2:51 am

    That bram stoker’s novel rly opened my eyes to how misinterpreted vampires have become in recent years. Like I could never imagine that dracula at the night clubs macing on the ladys haha. He’s just kind 9f a scary creepy selfish weird with to much pride and arrogance. I’d say he didn’t love Mina, what he did seemed more like a more personal attack helsing and the crew than anything else, he ment to deem her to a life as his slave after he died instead of risking his life trying to kill helsing and friends! I think edward would whoop the counts ass… but like a weasel he’d escape. Then probably do the same thing to Bella that he did to mina, peace out and let him suffer way worse than if he had simply killed edward
    I was surprised how good bram stoker’s dracula was! Such a compelling and interesting story