Better for Recipes? Cookbooks vs. Online Recipes

Cookbooks Vs. Online Recipes

Looking to make a delicious brunch or dinner for the family? Then you’ll want to find a great recipe. But which is better – using a cookbook or online recipes? Each have their benefits and (minor) drawbacks. Before you turn on the stove or get the microwave started, let’s debate about which you’ll want to use in your home kitchen.





Not everyone has or wants a computer in the kitchen while they are cooking. Using cookbooks means that recipes are accessible to all.

Collecting cookbooks means that they can be passed down through your family or given to friends. Many good cooks consider their cookbooks to be one of their most prized possessions. To own used, worn and battered cookbooks is a sign of many delicious meals.

Celebrity chefs like those on Top Chef often come out with cookbooks. If you have a favorite chef, this is a great way to enjoy their recipes.

Cookbooks can make good gifts for loved ones and people you know who enjoy cooking. With cookbooks on every topic it is easy to give a cookbook that teaches how to cook, or a cookbook that shows how to make more elaborate meals of every type.

You can create a custom collection of recipes for your school, church or community organization through a site like and sell cookbooks as a fundraiser. Best of all, you can all enjoy your favorite recipes.

Online Recipes



You have many options. There are literally hundreds of thousands of recipes available on the ‘net. Very likely more than you could ever count, let alone cook! The possibilities are endless.

If your kids or “big kid” (spouse/partner) is a picky eater, the ‘net can be a lifesaver. You’ll have many recipes to choose from to help find something to make veggies delicious or encourage them to try new foods.

Online recipes may help you and your family try new foods or cuisines. Buying cookbooks can be expensive but if you find a recipe online you like, it is easy to try something new and see if you enjoy it.

If you are a dedicated home cook, you may grow to love the ‘net and the online recipes on it. Some sites devote themselves to sharing other home cooks recipes. So you’ll get the best recipes other families have enjoyed.

It can be easy to share a recipe that you and your family have loved. You can e-mail it to your sister or brother-in-law with the click of a mouse. They’ll even see photos of it and how to prepare it.

At many sites, recipes are rated. So you can see what other home cooks have thought of this particular dish.


One of the biggest challenges home cooks face with cookbooks is discovering that it is easy to spill on the pages. Cookbooks can sometimes be difficult to clean and then read the recipes.

Most likely, not every recipe in a cookbook is one you are going to use. You’ll have some tried and true favorites and then others you wont really cook at all. So some may be bothered that cookbooks take up extra space in this way.

Not every cookbook is well organized. When you read a cookbook it can take you awhile to figure out which recipes you like the best.

If you lose your cookbook, then you will lose the recipe. If it is on an online site or you save it on your computer then you have a better chance of being able to keep it for a longer time.


Remember when we told you that you had options and lots of recipes? Sometimes knowing there are hundreds of thousands of recipes out there can be a bit overwhelming, when all you want to do is made oatmeal cookies.

If you don’t bookmark, save or print your recipes out then you may never find them again. Remember that a website may decide to change its content, and remove some of the recipes you love.

Some sites list calorie counts, sodium and other nutritional/content information – others just don’t. Especially recipe sites that feature recipes by home cooks, it is difficult to know exactly how many calories are in their recipes. For those with dietary needs, this can be a big challenge.

And Finally…

When making a delicious meal, every cook starts with a recipe. Some may turn to their favorite cookbook and others may choose the ‘net. There are reasons to choose both. If you aren’t the techy type and don’t like doing Internet searches, then you’re probably going to prefer cookbooks. Or perhaps you want to use the recipe your Grandmother handed down in one of her cookbooks. If your family is gluten-free and you want to create a delicious meal for your child’s birthday party, the ‘net might be a great option. You can find online recipe sites dedicated to gluten-free recipes, especially kids recipes. We know you could find cookbooks on this topic. But on the ‘net you can sit there with your kids and page through the recipes quickly and let them pick through a bunch of recipes – not limited only to a collection in a cookbook.

Whatever your choice – don’t call us late for that next great meal!


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  1. Jennifer January 11, 2016 at 2:10 am

    I am for both online and cookbooks. The other day I was looking up a certain recipe online and noticed it was by a person of whose cookbooks I have. Well I went and found the same recipe in the cookbook,,, or so I thought. I went and compared the recipes and they were quite different. So I went looking through my book(s) and found recipes and compared them online through the cooks websites and started noticing that they are all different in certain ways. Why are the recipes online different from the same recipes in their books? I understand 1/2 an onion to a whole onion isn’t much, but when the recipe in the book is calling for all different amounts of ingredients and seasonings (some seasonings aren’t even listed in the online recipe) it kinda makes me think that they will give you the better recipes in a book that they can make money off of than getting it for free online.

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