Buying a Tuxedo vs. Renting a Tuxedo

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Tuxedos: Buying vs. Renting

Getting ready for a special event? You may be attending the prom, wedding or another formal event where you need to wear a tuxedo. For some, this means renting a tux and for others you may consider buying a tuxedo. But which is better? This is a great battle for sure!

Some guys don’t even like to borrow those shoes at the bowling alley, so they would really want to buy a tuxedo. Other guys rarely attend special events, and the thought of a fancy suit gathering dust in the back of their closet, when the cash spent on something else could be more than they could bear. So which would you pick? Should you own the tux or not?

So let us know which of these great tux choices should win the battle. To buy or not to buy, that is the question!


Buying a Tuxedo

This may be the choice for you for many reasons. Some guys would just prefer to own their tux. It used to be that owning a tuxedo was something “only” the elite did. Now lots of guys are able to easily own a tuxedo and have one conveniently handy.

A tuxedo is considered a semi-formal suit for evening wear (some do wear them during the day). Tuxedos are most often black, but some can be found in midnight blue. The tux is worn with a formal shirt, tuxedo shoes and other accessories like cufflinks and a cummerbund and bow tie. The tuxedo has been around for a long time, since 1889.


Owning a tuxedo is like an investment. Instead of paying $100 or more every time you want to rent one, you’ll have one right in your closet. Very convenient for the busy guy.

Sometimes the idea of wearing something that other people have worn can really skive you out. If this is your opinion, then owning is the way to go.

There are more and more places to buy tuxedos offering lots of options. You don’t have to drop a ton of cash to own a great tux. You actually can own a tux for the price of a single rentals. It may make more economic sense to buy one.

Having your own tuxedo means you are ready to attend any sophisticated events. If your boss invites you to a must-go-to black tie event, there is no stressing out about needing to get a tux. You’ve already got one in your closet.

Renting (a Tuxedo)

So you’ve got a wedding, prom or special event coming up? And you think renting a tuxedo is the way to go. This can be an excellent option for many guys. Lots of guys rent tuxedos for special events. It is typically easy and convenient to rent a tux. Then you are dressed and ready to go to that prom or other special event, looking your very best.


Renting is typically the budget friendly option way for a big ticket item like a tuxedo. It is usually less expensive than buying a tuxedo.

If you don’t attend a lot of special events like black ties or other celebrations, renting a tux can be a good choice for you. You simply don’t want a tuxedo sitting in your closet. After all, where are you going to wear it…the gym, to school, to work or out for a jog?

If you don’t want to take care of another piece of clothing, renting is also a good decision. A tuxedo is something you need to look after, to get it cleaned regularly and make sure nothing gets torn or is missing any buttons. Better to rent if you don’t want to do this.


All clothes need care. If you have your own tuxedo, be prepared to get it cleaned and to also check it occasionally to see that it is in tip top shape. A tuxedo is a garment you don’t want to wear if it looks worn in any way. This is something you want to always look elegant in.

If you’ve got your eye on a designer label tuxedo, be prepared to shell out the Benjamins because they don’t come cheap. Where you might be able to rent one for a cheaper price, owning it is probably going to set you back.

It may be great to have a tuxedo, but what happens if you grow another 4 inches? Or gain 30 pounds? Don’t laugh to hard at the guy this happens to, because it can happen to you. Then you’ve got to buy – another – tuxedo.


You don’t always know when the next special event is coming up. You could go to your prom and then 6 months later get invited to a family member’s wedding and need a tuxedo. Sometimes owning makes more sense, especially if you have a lot of friends and family members.

If you are a specialty size, like a big man or big and tall, a rental place may have fewer choices for you. Buying a tuxedo may give you more choices.

If you live in a small town or county and you rent a tuxedo, expect to do so early for a prom or special event. Everyone you know will be renting tuxes at the same time, so you’ll want to get in ahead of them so you’ll have plenty of choices.

And Finally…

Hmm….so which to choose for that next special event? You want to look great, without a lot of stress or hassle. Both choices could be good, but now you’ve got to let us know who wins this battle. Both renting and buying a tux are easy and convenient. There are many places out there that rent or sell tuxedos. Renting is usually the most inexpensive option. But today you can find discounted stores that sell tuxedos for good prices, sometimes it makes the most sense to buy one. And if you get invited to lots of great events, you will really want a tux hanging in your closet! So which is better, buying or renting a tuxedo?


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