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Betty vs Veronica

Archie Comic’s Women: Betty Cooper vs Veronica Lodge

Betty Cooper vs Veronica Lodge Anyone who has read Archie Comics knows these two friends very well – Betty and Veronica. The two pretty gal pals get along perfectly when it comes to everything, except for fighting for Archie. Many [...]

July 5, 2016 Comics

Battle Of The Robins: Dick Grayson vs. Jason Todd

Dick Grayson vs. Jason Todd Being Robin is not easy, and not just because it requires you deal with Batman on a daily basis. You’re also expected to be in tip-top physical form, maintain peak athletic and acrobatic ability, and [...]

June 2, 2014 Cars, Comics

Better Superhero? Batman vs. Iron Man

Who is the Better Superhero? Batman or Iron Man The genre of depressed billionaire playboy genius philanthropist orphans, who masquerade as superheroes despite having no superpowers of their own, is not a terribly crowded one. There are only two to [...]

May 1, 2013 Comics, Entertainment