How To Research & Write For

When writers request to write for many times the writers aren’t sure about what to write about. What topics would be best is a frequent question. We have answered this question a few times so we thought it would be helpful to provide some notes on how to choose the right topic for an article that uses the versus theme on These tips have been adapted from letters to current writers. We may add more as time goes on. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. It might be helpful to answer them here so everyone can read.

Finding a Good Top for

This writer asked about the article topic “gift basket vs bottle of wine.”

Begin a test search in and see if Google provides helpful suggestions through Google Autocomplete option (more info on Autocomplete). We only see two poor suggestions through autocomplete when searching for “gift baskets vs”.

gift basket vs

But more helpful suggestions are provided by Autocomplete when I search for “bottle of wine vs”:

bottle of wine vs

So from these suggestions we would then look at the search results. Let’s look closer at “bottle of wine vs beer”. We want to see these results so we can understand what Google is already showing for this search. We want to write similar content so will also appear in the search result. See actual search results here:

A few caught my eye and it is probably a good idea to touch on these topics when writing my article:

From these results you can expand your article to include many of the topics you see or just focus in on one if it warrants that type of analysis.

If you don’t get the Google suggestions, check your search settings in Google. They should look like this:

search settings

Another Example of Finding the Right Idea to Write About

If you try our search strategy, using Google’s Autocomplete to suggest searches you can get some great ideas.

But if you then see what actual results show you can get a good idea if a newer site like can rank for that search term. When we then search for “kindle vs nook” or vs ipad we see the top ranking sites are all big brand names and wouldn’t stand a chance of ranking in the top 10 Google results (yet).

But if we search deeper for more Kindle terms such as “kindle skins” and then “Kindle Skins vs Covers” this seems more like an article that we can rank for, see the actual search results:

kindles skins vs

This isn’t to say this is what you to write abut every time, but we are trying to give you a strategy for finding gems in the rough. Get more niche and that will probably be a better path to follow in choosing what to write about for